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Unfolding Day

Allow your day to unfold like the pages of a book.

Trusting in God to lead you safely through.

Remaining centred in His love and peace.

You’ll gently bless all you meet.

Prophetic Poetry

Autumn Leaves

A prophetic poem for an expectant church

Autumn leaves,

Fallen and discarded,

They lie crestfallen and dirty.

Their wondrous colours fading into the night.

Silent and dead they appear,

When all ‘ a sudden they’re woken!

They stir, float and fly, are diligently gathered and powerfully charged

With Love’s passionate zeal.

A riotous throng, tumultuous in sight and song, they invade a waiting ark,

And heaven’s bride, she expectantly smiles,

Greets and cheers, embraces and soothes.

And Jesus? He bursts into rapturous laughter like a groom on his wedding day.